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Full Version: Vivre Nu. A la Recherche du Paradis Perdu. 1998.
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 Vivre Nu. A la Recherche du Paradis Perdu. 1998.
Nudity is unsettling. Nudity fascinates. Nudity is exciting. As a matter of fact we tend to mix nakedness,sexuality, lifestyle and pleasure. Living Naked sorts out the concepts and tries to present us with the "naked truth" about naturalism. Through many testimonies, some very funny, some moving, through fascinating archive footage and a tour of the main naturist resorts in France and Germany. Living Naked explores, demystifies the taboos. Nor a voyeur, nor a proselyte, Director Robert Salis addresses the Adam or the Eve living inside of us. Just released on DVD in French, this is a unique must see feature film about naturalism.
Director: Robert Salis.
France, 1998.
Language: French.
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