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Full Version: Retronudists from the USA.
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[Image: th_843449871_1950_0_123_20lo.jpg][Image: th_843450350_1950_123_136lo.jpg]

Nudist Recruits. 1950.
Old documentary short film about the nudism in the USA.
USA, 1950.
Language: English.
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They Wear No Clothes. 1956.
Old documentary short film about the nudism in the USA.
USA, 1956.
Language: English.
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Nudist Racket. 1938.

Format : AVI / 512x384
Duration : 10 min
File Size : 116 MB
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This Nude World. 1932.
"This Nude World" is a groundbreaking 1932 "documentary" celebrating the age-old tradition of playing volleyball in your socks ... and absolutely nothing else. The film purports to pose probing questions about the morality of nudist colonies to cover it's actual aim of getting naked people on screen ... primarily in long shots. A highlight of the film is the peeks at the phenomena in Germany, France (including Lido de Paris) and the United States, all with wonderful pre-WWII footage of the cities visited.
USA, 1932.
Director: Michael Mindlin.
Format : AVI / 640x480
Duration : 56 min
File Size : 700 MB
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