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Nude Nudists and Nudism. Vol 4.
[Image: lk11l2jmiztc.jpg][Image: yhlbtifddbqg.jpg]

Nude Nudists and Nudism. Vol 4.
They’re back! Yup, it’s more Naked Nudists, who happily spend their lives communing with nature, wallowing in the sun, and running around like damn fools in their birthday suits. Most of this volume is comprised of rare 8mm Pickles and Beaver loops made in the mid-1960’s -- "produced by nudists for nudists" -- and sold to adults for educational purposes only to allegedly "serve adult viewers as a source of information and guidance regarding the Nudist Philosophy, and to encourage a more universal acceptance of the nude body as clean and wholesome." You betcha!
Cast:  Michelle Angelo, Darlene Bennett, Gigi Darlene, Sande N. Johnsen, Sandra Sinclair.
USA, Something Weird Video, 2000.
Language: English.
Format : MP4 / 640x528
Duration : 113 min
File Size : 1670 MB
Download Nude Nudists and Nudism. Vol 4:


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