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Feature and documentary erotic films.
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Deutschland privat - Im Land der bunten Träume. 2007.

Deutschland privat – Im Land der bunten Träume ist ein Filmprojekt von Robert van Ackeren aus dem Jahr 2007 und die Fortsetzung zu Deutschland privat – Eine Anthologie des Volksfilms, einer kommentarlosen Zusammenstellung diverser Amateurfilme.
Im Jahr 1980 brachte Robert van Ackeren unter dem Titel "Deutschland Privat" eine Kompilation von privaten Super-8-Filmen deutscher Hobbyfilmer in die Kinos. Mit "Deutschland Privat - Im Land der bunten Träume" führt er dieses Projekt fort: Der Film präsentiert schillerndes, in den gestalterischen Mitteln erstaunlich vielfältiges "Heimkino" aus fünf Jahrzehnten. Und gerade auch anhand der teils expliziten sexuellen Szenen zeichnet van Ackeren ein ganz eigenes "Deutschlandbild".
Director: Robert van Ackeren, Catharina Zwerenz.
Germany, 2007.
Language: German.
Download Deutschland privat - Im Land der bunten Träume. 2007:
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Point De Fuite / A Matter of Perspective. 1988.
A new teacher comes to class to teach a lesson on a complicated math theorem. The class is waiting completely nude and catches her off guard. She takes off her clothes before the beginning of her lesson. During the lesson, the students put their clothes back on and take away her clothes, as she is concentrated solely on the theorem. Upon finishing, she is embarrassed that they are clothed and she is left naked, but there is now someone at the door.
The class ask the unknown to come in, and they find a naked teacher but clothed students. Inspired by a mathematical rhetoric.
Director: Olivier Smolders.
Cast: Catherine Aymerie, François Galland, Stéphanie Dessens, Sarah Lefévre, Valerie De Wilde, Catherine Van Hauwermeiren, Hubert De Jamblinne De Meux.
Belgium, 1988.
Language: French.
Subtitles: Russian.
Download Point De Fuite / A Matter of Perspective. 1988:
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Fulaninha. 1986.

PT. Bruno (Cláudio Marzo), um cineasta carioca, está em crise existencial. Até que ele percebe uma jovem (Mariana de Moraes) que passa todos os dias pelo mesmo local e fica obcecado por ela, nomeando-a de Fulaninha, junto a seus amigos do boteco. Mas o que ele mal imagina é que Fulaninha, na verdade, Ana Maria, é filha de Rose (Kátia D'Angelo), uma mulher com quem ele terá uma chance de relacionamento estável.
EN. Movie director in his forties and in existencial crisis falls in love with an unknown teen girl he sees walking down the streets, without knowing she's the daughter of the woman he's having a relationship with.
Fulaninha is a typical carioca comedy, with all the characteristic figures of Rio de Janeiro. All the "malicia"and "gingado" of the people of south zone of the city, in a delicious comedy. A beautiful romantic theme sung by Paulinho da Viola. Light and charming.
Director: David Neves.
Cast: Roberto Bonfim, Kátia D'Angelo, Nelson Dantas, José de Abreu, Mariana de Moraes, Adele Fátima, Monique Lafond, Claudio Marzo, Flávio São Thiago, Paschoal Villaboin.
Brazil, 1986.
Language: Portuguese.
Download Fulaninha. 1986:
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Nana / Nana: La vera chiave del piacere / Nana, the True Key of Pleasure. 1982. FULL-HD.

Nana, the True Key of Pleasure is a 1982 Italian drama film directed by Dan Wolman based on Émile Zola's novel Nana. The music is by Ennio Morricone.
At only 18 years of age (according to some sources she was 16), German actress Katya Berger plays the title role in Israeli director Dan Wolman's 1982 costume drama Nana. The Italian film was released as Nana: La vera chiave del piacere in Italian and Nana, the True Key of Pleasure in English.
In Zola's Paris, an ingenue arrives at a tony bordello: she's Nana, guileless, but quickly learning to use her erotic innocence to get what she wants. She's an actress for a soft-core filmmaker and soon is the most popular courtesan in Paris, parlaying this into a house, bought for her by a wealthy banker. She tosses him and takes up with her neighbor, a count of impeccable rectitude, and with the count's impressionable son. The count is soon fetching sticks like a dog and mortgaging his lands to satisfy her whims. She bankrupts him, arranges the debauching of his wife, and seduces his son on his wedding day. What else can she accomplish before she leaves Paris airborne?
Director: Dan Wolman.
Writers: Émile Zola (novel), Marc Behm (screenplay).
Cast: Katya Berger, Jean-Pierre Aumont, Yehuda Efroni, Mandy Rice-Davies, Massimo Serato, Debra Berger, Shirin Taylor, Annie Belle, Paul Muller, Marcus Beresford, Robert Bridges.
Italy, 1982.
Language: English.
1920x1080 FULL-HD (Blu-ray)
Download Nana / Nana: La vera chiave del piacere / Nana, the True Key of Pleasure. 1982:
3 parts archive:
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Die oben ohne Story / The Topless Story. 1965.

DE. Ein arbeitsmüder New Yorker Modeschöpfer wird auf seiner Weltreise nach Europa und Fernost heimlich von der Sekretärin und einer Modejournalistin verfolgt, die überall sofort den nächsten Nudistenstrand aufsuchen. Primitives Filmchen, das seine FKK-Propaganda mit Reisebildern von New York bis Tokio dekoriert.
EN. A male fashion designer gets ticked off at a female magazine editor and flees New York. The editor and a friend follow him. Everywhere the designer goes, some woman or other strolls around with an exposed breast or two.
Director: Wolfgang Selnig.
Cast: Dolly Doreac, Bambi Miller, Birgit Nielsen, John Wala.
Switzerland, 1965.
Language: English.
Download Die oben ohne Story / The Topless Story. 1965:

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