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The Show Must Go On Ever Naked. 2008.
[Image: th_981028406_000_123_195lo.jpg][Image: th_980404541_994_123_78lo.jpg]

The Show Must Go On Ever Naked. 2008.
Koktebel, longtime haven for naturist families, is on the change, and as new hotels and apartment blocks are constructed along the shoreline, and as naturists cling to the last elements of freedom here, the sense of imminent loss is ever present.
Documentary film about the Crimean nudists shot by the famous German propagandist of naturism Peter Dietrich at the festival of Neptune Day in Koktebel. A large crowd of nudists gathered on the seashore staged a vivid show - there were a dance contest, a body art contest and a mystical action to meet Neptune.
Director: Peter Dietrich.
Ukraina, 2008.
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